A Harvard professor was suspended for sexual harassment charges

Harvard professor Jorge I. Dominguez spoke at the 2013 Boston Forum. The editor couldn’t help but think of a word-clothes and beasts (please don’t think about it, there is no directivity)

This is Dominguez’s second sex scandal. According to US media reports, as early as 1983, Dominguez, who was teaching in the political department of Harvard University, was disciplined for sexually harassing a female colleague and a female graduate student.

Since 1972, Dominguez has been a professor at Harvard University. His email shows that after the end of this semester, he will no longer study in Harvard Buddhism or participate in other academic activities.

In 1983, Karl accused Harvard of Dominguez “having a serious misconduct”. At that time Karl was a junior professor at Harvard University. Dominguez was banned from administrative work for three years because of alleged sexual harassment, but was still allowed to stay in the university and hold other positions, such as Deputy Dean of International Affairs.

Later, Karl left Harvard to teach at Stanford University, and vowed never to be alone with Dominguez. According to Karl, Dominguez was sexual harassment for her for 2 years.

Last month, the US “Higher Education Chronicle” reported that after investigation, Dominguez had sexually harassed 10 women. After the report, another 8 women complained. Soon, the school arranged Dominguez to take administrative leave.

Karl said: “I was shocked to see the (female) numbers. I tried to stop this in 1983. I did it. Why didn’t they stop? Why did the school give him so much power, salary and prestige?”

The reports of these sexual harassment incidents spanned decades between 1979 and 2015. The allegations included various forms of sexual provocation, inappropriate touching, verbal harassment, forced kissing, etc. Many students, junior professors, women accused Dominguez of abusing their powers. Senior professor of supervision.

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