How to transfer M-1 students in the life cycle of international students

Today, we will introduce the transfer policy and procedures for M-1 students. First of all, I would like to emphasize that M-1 students can transfer schools! But the transfer must be completed within six months of arriving in the United States! Of course, this time also has an exception, that is, when your school is closed or other uncontrollable reasons make you unable to attend this school, you can transfer to the United States six months after arriving in the United States.

So what are the transfer conditions for M-1 students? I have summarized it for everyone:

①When you are within six months of your arrival in the United States, or you have switched from another visa to an M-1 visa, within six months from the date of change.

②You have documents to prove that you are an M-1 student

③You are currently studying in your current school (Full Course)

④You will study at the school you want to transfer to (Full Course)

⑤Your financial situation is sufficient to support your tuition in the new school

⑥The purpose of your education remains unchanged

When the above conditions are met, you must follow the steps below to transfer:

Step1: apply

The first step is that you need to apply and get permission from the target school. This school must be a school that can accept M-1 students.

Step2: Contact DSO

Tell your current DSO of your transfer plan, and show proof of acceptance by the other school and the name of the school. Let your DSO in the SEVIS system, change your status to Step3:”transfer-out status”

Step3: Get the new Form I-20

After changing the status, your new DSO will help you print a new Form I-20.

Step4: Submit materials

After completing the above things, you will submit a request to the Immigration Department to support your transfer with Form I-20 and Form I-539.

Step5: Obtain the approval of the immigration

If the Immigration Department approves your transfer application, they will sign the name of the new school on your new Form I-20 and send it to you.

Then your transfer process is complete! Of course you have to pay attention to all the courses you have to take.

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