National Graduate Program Series Report — Business & Management

The distribution characteristics of 5018 Business & Management graduate programs based on 798 schools in Masterportal in the United States in terms of duration, major, and course type:

After clearing the missing duration data, there are 3878 Business & Management graduate projects left. The project duration is 2 years, which is the most, accounting for 51.26%, followed by the one-year project, accounting for 19.75%, 3 years and above Accounted for less; the majors included in the project are mainly business management, accounting, finance, management, marketing and taxation; mainly concentrated in New York, Texas, California and Illinois; the project prefers admission Students with independent learning ability, good academic and cultural background and outstanding thinking ability.

Arizona State University (ASU) is the most popular postgraduate program in Business & Management. The school ranked 115 in U.S. News’s comprehensive undergraduate rankings in 2018.

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