Opened a window for people from poor families-Princeton University

Princeton University is the famous Ivy League University in the United States. It is a world-renowned private research university located in Princeton, New Jersey. A total of 41 alumni, faculty and staff of Princeton University have won the Nobel Prize. This achievement ranks 14th in the world. In addition, the American News and World Report (US NEWS) magazine often lists Princeton’s undergraduate education as the number one in the United States, which has greatly improved the reputation of Princeton University.

Why is Princeton University so popular?

Excellent alumni resources

The graduates of Princeton University are excellent. A total of 14 Fields Medal winners and 10 Turing Prize winners have worked or studied at Princeton University. A total of 41 alumni or faculty members have won the Nobel Prize. Princeton University has trained two U.S. presidents, 12 U.S. Supreme Court justices, and more than 1,000 graduates of Princeton University who have served as US Senators, Representatives, senior officials of the federal government, and senior officials of the state government. . This makes the alumni resources of Princeton University very powerful.

Excellent educational resources

The teacher-student ratio at Princeton University is 1:6, and such a high ratio is rare in universities across the United States. Due to the small number of students, professors will have enough energy to care about students’ homework and development. Under such circumstances, every student will be paid attention to and deeply feel the cultural influence of this university in all aspects of study and life.

Opened a window for people from poor families

Janet, director of the school’s admissions office, said: “Our strong bursary program may be one of the reasons for attracting more students to submit applications to us, especially in the context of the financial crisis.” In 2001, Princeton University is the first university in the United States to have no student loans at all.

In addition, the school has other policies, such as: admitting international students without considering the economic status of the family; removing the value of family real estate from the formula for calculating tuition fees; reducing the contribution of student savings; and comparing the school’s The expectation of summer deposits for middle- and low-income students is reduced.

The most intuitive data here shows that in 2009 statistics, Princeton University undergraduates had an average loan of 2,360 US dollars when they graduated, and the average of all universities in the United States was 20,000 US dollars. According to statistics, nearly 60% of the graduating class in 2009 received funding from Princeton University.

In addition, the school’s funds are very abundant. The scholarships that can be obtained are generally $13,800, and the annual tuition and fees of Princeton University are only about $40,000. It can be seen that Princeton University’s scholarship is very generous.

Under such a generous policy, students from poor families are more likely to be admitted, and they don’t have to worry too much about the fees they need to pay to study and focus on learning, which can be said to open an infinite bright future for them.

Very high application difficulty

However, Princeton University, which can be regarded as a paradise, is very strict in selecting students. The school should consider all aspects of students (except for economic factors), the school attaches great importance to the four indicators of students:

At the same time, the students’ special interests and hobbies, handling experience, life ambitions and so on will be investigated. During the application process, students have to face a lot of very good competitors, and also face a full range of screening and inspection by the interviewer. This makes Princeton University deservedly become one of the most difficult universities to apply for in the United States.

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