The gold consultant hired by the sky-high price actually arranged a fake interview for me

The following are all the mental journeys of a student after experiencing the high price service of a well-known intermediary. They are all real people and real things. I hope everyone can have reservations about the theory of “high price and high quality” after reading it. Be vigilant and rationally view the role of study abroad agents.

High prices may not be reliable

Such “sky price” service

In the first aspect, after we paid the service fee, the consultant immediately put away the cheerful attitude before the payment, completely turning into the posture of a deputy chief. I thought that finding an intermediary could reduce the workload, but I didn’t expect to have to do everything by myself. It turned out that the intermediary is the uncle and I am the grandson.

The second is that I applied for three schools signed on the contract. In fact, the agency only did one for me, and the other two were arranged fake interviews-just find two foreigners to pretend to be the admission officers of the school, like a model Pretend to interview you decently. Two months passed, and the agency finally told me that I was not admitted, but refused to show me any materials. I had no choice but to contact the two schools by myself, but the school said that they had not received my materials at all and I was cheated by the agency! According to the contract, as long as the intermediary reports to me for a successful school, it is the completion of the task. I want to refund the fee, but others will ignore it. It turned out that the intermediary not only regarded me as a grandson, but also regarded me as a fool.

Need to be vigilant and screened

The scariest part of the whole experience is that I think it is impossible for the agency to hire two foreigners to lie to me (in fact, nothing is impossible!)

I believe that I am definitely not a special case. How many students have been deceived, how many of them are not rich families, and how many have been deceived without knowing it, and sincerely thank their consultants… It is chilling and frustrating to think about. People are creepy. It is said that looking for an intermediary needs to keep your eyes open, but I went to the most well-known intermediary with the concept of “you get what you pay for”. The result was chilling.

Behind the high price is the asymmetry of information, which is the use of one’s own advantages to commit fraud. If there are cheaper channels for obtaining information, and one can obtain the information oneself want faster and more effectively, will this kind of fraud still exist?

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