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International students are faced with the choice of whether to stay in the United States or not. If they want to stay in the United States, work is a big problem. To apply for a long-term job in the United States, they must meet the following conditions.

1.Internship permit

Internship permits are divided into CPT (curricular practical training) and OPT (optional practical training).

Both are internship permits. The difference is: it is a permit that allows students to legally work outside the school, and the field of work must be related to the major of study; OPT is used after graduation, that is, a transitional visa after graduation from studying in the United States. (Note: The total duration of CPT cannot exceed 12 months. Once exceeded, you cannot apply for OPT or OPT time reduction.)

2.Work visa or green card

After using up the internship permit, you still want to continue to work in the United States. Only when you switch to an H-1B visa or obtain a green card through other channels can you continue to stay in the United States (there will be a “gray period” after the OPT time runs out) .

(Note: The F-1 visa is not mentioned, because the F1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued by the U.S. government to foreign students who want to study full-time in an academic institution in the United States. The job must also be transferred to H-1B through company application, so If you are interested, you can find out for yourself.)

H-1B visa is important

The importance of H-1B is: With him, you can work legally in the United States. The duration of the H-1B visa is generally 6 years, and the company will generally help you continue to apply for a green card. In short, if you want to stay in the United States legally to stay and work, and finally get a green card, H-1B is essential.

The U.S. government provides only 85,000 H-1B visas each year. What’s more cruel is that H-1B visas are first allocated by lottery, regardless of whether the employer is a large company or a small company. For many companies, recruiting international students is very risky. Once the new employees who have been trained hard are not selected for H-1B visas, the company will not only lose the carefully selected employees, but also its personnel deployment, schedule, etc. They are all vulnerable to huge shocks, and H-1B visa application also requires a lot of money.

How to find a job to get H1-B visa easier

The difficulty of finding a job is also related to the region, such as New Jersey, the East Coast region, the California region on the West Coast, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, etc., it is easier to find a job, and the salary is higher. Of course it has something to do with the profession. It is easier to find a job in the U.S. legal, computer, engineering, biochemical, and medical industries.

It also has something to do with academic qualifications. It is the most difficult for doctoral students to find a job, but it is relatively easy for undergraduates to find a job. Finally, it has something to do with the school. The employment situation of prestigious universities will definitely be much better.

Of course, there are also many companies that directly state that the company cannot help with the green card when they are recruiting for internships, and many companies do not explain the situation or delay remorse later.

To stay and work in the United States, finding an employer who is willing to give you a sponsor H-1B is the first step

Many international students finally chose to return home because of the H1-B problem

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