The United States is turbulent, how should Chinese students choose

According to reports, China has maintained the No. 1 position among exporting countries for students studying in the United States for seven consecutive years.

However, with the implementation of Trump’s series of new policies, the largest group of international students in the United States is facing unprecedented pressure. Will the United States, which is known for its openness, welcome students to study as they did before? Do you want to stay in the United States or return to China for another development? In the turbulent and changing situation, Chinese students have to make a choice.

1.Support or oppose

For international students who wish to live in the United States for a long time, the changes that are taking place in American society are closely related to their future life.

The most practical issue is the work visa. Trump once said that high-quality Asian technology talents should be encouraged to come to the United States. But Bannon, the chief strategist of the White House, expressed dissatisfaction with the too many Asian executives in Silicon Valley.

International students have no idea what changes will happen to the work visa issue in the future. However, many Chinese students chose not to participate in the parade for personal safety reasons.

Some people in the study abroad circle said that most of the liberal arts students studying abroad are opposed to Trump, while those who tend to support are mainly “code farmers” who may benefit from the immigration policy.

In addition, some people do not plan to stay in the United States after graduation and do not feel much involved in American politics. With a spectator mentality, they hope to see what the United States and the world will be like in the Trump era.

2.Stay in the US or return to China

Another issue that makes Chinese students hesitate is to stay.

Although worried about the Trump administration’s long-term policies, considering that the US media and courts can currently check and balance the president, most of the international students have chosen to wait and see.

But the changes in the general environment have indeed had an impact on international students. Someone said frankly that if Trump wants to fulfill his “America First” campaign promise through protectionism and isolationism, the international soft power of the United States will decline.

In contrast, there are many good opportunities in China, and returning to China is also a good way out.

As a student from the United States Sun said, “As long as it is a talent, the whole world will come to you and use policies to attract you.”

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