Which major is more expensive for graduate students in the United States?

Science and Engineering Major

1.Electrical engineering

Commonly known as “double E” or “EE”. The length of schooling for EE graduate students in the United States is generally 1.5 to 2 years. Take Columbia University as an example. According to the I20 table of admitted students in the past year, Columbia’s annual fees include tuition and living expenses of USD 48,753 and living expenses of USD 33,600, totaling USD 82,353, which is equivalent to RMB 510,885. .

For Mississippi State University, according to official data provided by the school’s website, the tuition fee for a year of international students is US$10,016, equivalent to RMB 62,135.

However, due to the relatively weak geographical advantage of Mississippi State University, the local consumption level is also average, and the cost of living for a year is about 40,000 yuan.

In addition, different schools may charge for living expenses, books, medical insurance and other miscellaneous expenses. Take the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus as an example, a tuition and medical insurance fee of $16,137 will be charged each year.

2.civil Engineering

The school system for civil engineering majors in the United States is generally 1-2 years. Taking the well-known Carnegie Mellon University, or CMU for short, as an example, according to the I20 form of admitted students in 2015, the tuition fee for CMU civil engineering is $41,746 for one year, and the living expenses are $17,106, plus $3,522. For medical insurance, the school collects nearly 400,000 yuan a year. CMU is located in Pittsburgh, a second-tier city in the United States.

In addition, according to the latest USNEWS, the annual tuition fee of Stanford University in California is $47,073. Due to the high standard of living in California, the annual cost of living is about 20,000 US dollars, so the annual cost of Stanford University is about 410,000 yuan.

The annual tuition fee of Missouri University of Science and Technology in Missouri is $18,230. Because the living standard of the fourth-tier cities in the United States is relatively low, the annual cost of living is about $6,000, so the annual cost of Missouri University of Science and Technology is about 150,000 yuan.

In short, the fee range for civil engineering majors in the United States is 150,000 to 410,000 yuan per year.

3.computer science

Computer science has been very popular in recent years. The employment direction is mainly related to software. There are many job opportunities and high income. The length of schooling is about 1.5 to 2 years.

The top-ranked schools in the United States for CS majors generally have a total tuition between US$25,000 and US$45,000. Living expenses are between USD 10,000 and USD 18,000. Other expenses such as miscellaneous expenses and medical insurance premiums are around USD 2,000 to USD 5,000.

Together, the above costs are converted into RMB 400,000 to 600,000.

Liberal arts

1.LLM major

The full name is Master of Law, translated as Master of Law. Generally, it only takes 1 year of study time (in some universities, 9 months), complete 4 to 8 professional courses and complete thesis.

However, the tuition fees for LLM majors are also relatively expensive. The tuition fees of most schools are between US$40,000 and US$40,000, plus living expenses are generally around US$60,000.

Take the Fordham University LLM program in New York City as an example. The school’s official website clearly lists the full-time tuition fee for one year at US$51,880, and the total cost of the school year including tuition, insurance, and living expenses is US$71,505, which is approximately equal to RMB 450,000.

The LLM at the University of Iowa in Iowa City is relatively more affordable. Its official website charges $26,249 for tuition for students who are not residents of the state, plus $2,500 for books and $15,010 for living expenses. The total cost is $43,759. , Equivalent to about RMB 270,000

2.social work

The master’s degree in social work is generally a two-year degree setting. The annual tuition fee is between 20,000 and 40,000 US dollars. The living expenses of different cities vary greatly, generally between 10,000 and 20,000 US dollars. The cost for two years is 40- Between 700,000 RMB.

Take New York University in New York as an example. The school’s Social Work I-20 lists tuition fees of US$29,316, living expenses of US$24,000, plus health insurance costs of 3,236, and the total cost is US$56,552, which is equivalent to RMB 350,000.

Case Western Reserve University, located in Ohio, stated on its official website that the school’s one-year tuition for a master’s degree in social work is $39,950. Although the cost of board and lodging is not mentioned, according to the local consumption level, the estimated living cost can be controlled between 10,000 and 12,000 US dollars, so the total cost is about 50,000 US dollars, and the RMB is about 300,000.

3.Media Major

It is a popular major for liberal arts applications, and generally requires 2 years of study time. The tuition fees of most schools are between US$30,000 and US$50,000 a year, plus the cost of living varies from place to place (NY and LA are the most expensive), and the total cost is estimated to be around RMB 600,000-800,000.

University of Houston is located in Texas. The Public Relations/Image Management branch of the school’s Mass Communication Studies. The I-20 form lists tuition fees of US$18,110, living expenses of US$12,000, and textbook fees of US$1,100, totaling US$31,210. , Equivalent to RMB 190,000.

Columbia University is located in New York. The master’s program of the School of Journalism is 10 months. The tuition and various tuition and fees are as high as US$63,614, plus living expenses of US$29,676. The budget for full-time students is US$93,290, which is nearly 580,000 yuan after conversion.

Another private university in Los Angeles, California, University of South California, the school’s Journalism master’s degree tuition fee is US$54,321, living expenses are US$25,355, a total of US$79,676, equivalent to RMB 490,000.

4.Public Administration/Policy Major

Most of the school system is two years, and there are also one-year programs. The average tuition fee for a year is about 40,000 US dollars, and the living expenses in different cities vary greatly, roughly between 10,000 and 10,000 US dollars. The total expenditure for the two years is 600-800,000 RMB.

Take the Carnegie Mellon University Master of Public Policy and Management in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as an example. The school’s tuition is $22,100 per semester, and the total is $44,200 for a year. Including the cost of books, board and lodging, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses, the annual cost is about 70,000 US dollars, or 430,000 yuan.

The University of Oklahoma is located in Newman, Oklahoma. The postgraduate program of this school calculates tuition based on the credits taken by the students. The MPA program has 24 credits, and non-state students each receive US$817.05. Therefore, the entire project cost is 817.05× 24=19,609.2 U.S. dollars, about RMB 120,000.

Living expenses in Oklahoma are relatively low, so the budget for studying abroad for a year can be estimated at 200,000 yuan.


For art graduate students studying abroad, the annual cost of public universities is about 200,000 yuan, and private universities generally cost 250,000 to 300,000 yuan.


Taking performance as an example, BostonConservatory, a private college located in Boston, Massachusetts, has an Opera Performance degree tuition of US$41,560, accommodation costs of US$11,100 per year, and meals of US$6,142 per year, totaling US$58,802, or approximately 360,000 RMB.

The University of South California, a private university in Los Angeles, California, has a tuition fee of US$29,979 for a master’s degree in music and a living cost of US$20,448. The total cost of studying abroad is US$50,427 per year, which translates to approximately 310,000 yuan.

Bowling Green State University, a public university in Ohio, the cost of non-state graduate students for a year is 26,158 US dollars, including tuition fees 17,914 US dollars, dormitories 5,160 US dollars, meals 3,084 US dollars, equivalent to about 160,000 yuan.


Illustration, major in Illustration, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia. The school’s I-20 form lists the annual tuition fee of 35,825 US dollars, living expenses of 19,330 US dollars, and health insurance costs of 1,080 US dollars, totaling 56,235, equivalent to RMB 25 Million.

School of Visual Arts is located in New York. The school’s Computer Graphics animation major I-20 form middle school fee is 39,200 US dollars, living expenses are 21,900 US dollars, and other miscellaneous expenses are 4,900 US dollars, totaling 66,000 US dollars, and about 410,000 yuan.

One of the most popular majors in the design category is Architecture. Take the I-20 form for the Master of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois, for example. The annual tuition fee for this project is US$43,709, living expenses are US$13,275, and the total cost of studying abroad for a year is US$56,984. RMB 350,000.

Business Major


In general, the cost of this major has a lot to do with the regional economy.

Clark University in Massachusetts, in the northeastern United States, has a total annual cost of about 47,359 US dollars, which is close to 300,000 yuan. Among them, living expenses are 10,000 US dollars, which is equivalent to 60,000 RMB.

The University of Maryland is also located in the northeastern part of the country. The total cost of this major is 83,000 US dollars a year, and the cost is more than 510,000 yuan; of which, the living expenses need 18,000 US dollars, which also exceeds 110,000 yuan.

It can be seen that the financial majors of schools in the Northeast Economic Circle have very high requirements for students’ economic ability.


Many students majoring in accounting want to go to New York, because they are located in the core area of the US economy, the economy is relatively developed, there are many companies and professional accounting firms, and employment is better.

But in the same way, students should take New York’s consumption level into consideration. Taking the Master of Accounting program at New York University as an example, the total cost of the 9-month project is approximately US$76,700, which is close to 480,000 RMB; the living expenses for 9 months is also US$25,200. , Is also close to 160,000 yuan.

But let’s not just think that the university in New York is very expensive because of this school.


In the United States, there are very few colleges in the top 100 schools that offer a master’s degree in marketing, and even some colleges directly regard Marketing as a branch of the business school MBA program. It can be learned that the cost of studying Marketing will not be too much. low.

Located in Pepperdine University in California, the total cost of this school’s one-year marketing master program is 66,400 US dollars, which is equivalent to about 410,000 yuan; of which, the living cost is 16,000 US dollars, which is close to 100,000 yuan.

The MS in Marketing under the New York University Stern School of Business has a total annual cost of 63,530 US dollars, which is equivalent to about 400,000 yuan; of which, the one-year living cost requires 24,000 US dollars, which is close to 150,000 yuan.

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